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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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"good morning america." everybody, have yourself a good wednesday. making news in america this morning, poisonous package. an envelope bound for the white house possibly laced with a dangerous chemical. new details on the secret service's investigation. american arrested. a former member of the u.s. military accused of trying to join isis. investigators now detailing his travel overseas with hopes of becoming a jihadist fighter. dangerous dinner. a famous food item inside millions of american homes being recalled. what could be inside that mac and cheese that's causing so much concern? and shark scare. a hungry predator going after a fisherman's catch right next to the boat. and good wednesday morning
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to you all. thank you for spending time with us. we have a number of breaking stories that were going on while you were sleeping. we tart now with a scare for the secret service. >> a substance sent to the white house tested positive for cyanide. and more tests are being done. >> it was found at a screening facility where white house mail is monitored. it was not found inside the white house itself. no one who handled that envelope at the facility was hurt. sources say the sender is known to the secret service and criminal charges depend on whether the material is confirmed to actually be hazardous. another breaking story overnight, a victory in israel for the hard-liners and a defeat for the peace process. prime minister benjamin netanyahu should be able to form a government after yesterday's parliamentary elections. despite pre-election polls his conservative party picked up the most votes. the day before netanyahu declared there would be no palestinian state while he was prime minister. we are also getting late word that japanese police are investigating death threats against ambassador caroline kennedy. they say an english-speaking man called the u.s. embassy in tokyo
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several times in recent weeks threatening to kill kennedy. those threats may be part of a scheme to blackmail the ambassador or the embassy. similar threats were made against the u.s. consul general based in okinawa. the newest american to face terrorism charges scheduled to appear in court today here in new york. >> 47-year-old tairod pugh is a u.s. air force vet in court today. he's expected to plead not guilty to allegations he wanted to fight alongside isis. he's already been in custody for months after spending years overseas mostly in egypt. pugh was arrested in january and he flew from egypt to turkey in an effort to cross the border into siree to join isis and fight a violent jihad. the fbi says they discovered nearly 200 jihadi videos on his computer including one depicting isis executing prisoners spent most of his time overseas. his last known address in this new jersey boarding house. a former roommate said none of this sounds like the man he knew.
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>> he seemed like a nice guy. >> reporter: while the conversion from patriotic military veteran to terrorist seems like an unlikely one federal prosecutors say over the years pugh had one goal, becoming an enemy of the state. there were signs as far back as 2001. a former co-worker at american airlines told the fbi that pugh appeared sympathetic to osama bin laden. he was investigated but never charged. >> it does appear that isis' reach is pretty broad and that's a real challenge for the fbi and other law enforcement officials because there's no one community that they can focus on. >> reporter: in a letter to his wife, pugh allegedly wrote, "i am mujahid. i am sword against the oppressor. i will use the talents and skills give to me by allah to establish and defend the islamic state. there is he wrote only two possible outcomes for me, victory or martyr." now pugh is 1 of 30 people inside the u.s. accused of supporting terrorists overseas in the last 18 months. according to court papers, pugh has already told authorizes overseas that he went to turkey for vacation and he wanted to look for a job.
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he said he had no desire at all to go to syria. syria is claiming it shot down a u.s. drone. video from syrian tv purports to show pieces of a u.s. unmanned aircraft which went down along syria's coast. u.s. officials are trying to determine why the drone's operators lost control of it. if confirmed, this would be the first u.s. aircraft to go down over syria since the u.s. expanded its air campaign against isis in september. republican leaders are in huddle mode trying to come up with a list of possible replacements for illinois congressman aaron schock. the scandal-plagued lawmaker has rocked the party with his sudden resignation. abc's jonathan karl has details. >> reporter: aaron schock's troubles began with that "downton abbey" office decor. at first he defended it. >> you know as taylor swift said haters are going to hate. >> reporter: but then he repaid the government the $40,000 decorating tab. schock's instagram tells the story. he enjoyed life as a congressman but he was under fire for allegedly excessive expenses
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including $5,000 for a replica of the presidential podium. and politico reported schock billed the government for 170,000 miles of work travel on a car that only had 80,000 miles on it. it's quite a downfall. at 27, schock was one of the youngest ever elected to congress. now 33, he is one of the youngest ever to resign. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. and more breaking news overnight. this is from california where at least seven people were shot in a drive-by shooting. police in stockton say they found one woman dead on the sidewalk in front of a small grocery store. two other victims died at the hospital. they say it's one of the worst mass shootings in the city's history and likely gang related. also overnight, groups of young people were running wild through the streets of downtown minneapolis. the police aren't quite sure what started all this. they're calling this chaos and disorder. those are their words. about half a dozen people were arrested. two were treated for minor injuries. now to houston where the
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apartment of millionaire murder suspect robert durst has been searched. authorities spent hours at the upscale condo yesterday eventually removing two boxes of potential evidence. durst remains in louisiana where he's been moved to a facility for the severely mentally ill. he was arrested in new orleans and now faces a murder charge for the death of his friend. in addition to weapons and drug charges, durst's next court appearance is on monday. in boston a close friend of accused marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev told the jury that tsarnaev borrowed a gun from him two months before the attack. prosecutors have identified the handgun as the weapon used to kill mit police officer sean collier. the friend also testified that dzhokhar seemed to be heavily influenced by his older brother tamerlan. a major announcement today could shake up the republican presidential race. donald trump. yep. he's expected to announce that he's going to launch an exploratory committee as a signal that he's serious this time around, trump is not going to be renewing his contract for his show "the apprentice." tomorrow trump is scheduled to
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visit new hampshire, of course, home to the first primary. the new head of the secret service is asking for an $8 million mock-up of the white house in order to better train agents. joseph clancy told lawmakers on capitol hill that the agency currently trains in a parking lot. he says even the secret service dogs are not properly trained because they walk on hard surfaces rather than grass. critics did not appear responsive to the idea. well, if your gps is acting up, you can blame the sun. we're being hit with several geomagnetic storms, which also disrupt power grids and communications, satellites, however, there's no radiation storm along with this. among the other effects, the northern lights can be seen further south and the aurora on st. patrick's day was actually green so some good and bad. the solar system is not affecting the weather here on earth. most of the south will see rain today from the gulf coast up to the ohio valley. there will also be showers in denver, the dakotas and southwest. morning fog in southern california.
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>> boston is back down below freezing again. colder in alaska actually. today's highest temp will be in miami. 87 degrees. well, still ahead, a popular health insurer gets hacked exposing millions of customers' information. plus, another fraternity accused of behaving badly. this time at penn state. secret facebook pictures that could lead to criminal charges. also a water taxi captain making a daring rescue after someone goes overboard.
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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the company didn't learn about it till january. premera says it could have breached members' names, social securities and e-mail addresses. the company is offering precredit monitoring. kraft is recalling millions of boxes of its hugely popular macaroni and cheese because they might contain tiny fragments of stainless steel. kraft says the takenless steel may have wedged against a piece of metal during the packing process creating tiny shavings. the affected boxes have the code c2 and used by dates of september 18th through october 11th of this year. facebook is dipping a toe into the online payments' ocean that allows you to send money to its friend using messenger app. tap the dollar sign and the amount. facebook will roll out the future over the next few months and won't have any fees. analysts wonder if purchases will be next. white castle is keeping its
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contained although about a hundred homes are still threatened. evacuated residents are tree to return to their home. roads there in woodward county should be fine today but just to the east and all the way down to the florida panhandle they will be wet. puddles will be found around denver, phoenix and the northern plains watch out for slippery roads in the northern and central rockies. if you're flying airport delays most likely in dallas and houston. well we have another fraternity in some trouble and this one on the campus of penn state. >> kappa delta rho is now suspended following allegations that members used secret facebook accounts to post naked pictures of women. some as they slept or appeared to be passed out. a member of the fraternity has given police printouts from those accounts. the university of the fraternity's national headquarters are also investigating. police in los angeles say thieves broke into the hollywood hills home of a grammy winning songwriter and producer. toby gad and took off with $50,000 worth of gold coins he was collects since 12 along with
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cash. it's currently undergoing a renovation. he co-wrote "all of me." a couple of california police chases caught on camera seeing one in l.a. going after a suspected stolen car. you're going to see sparks start flying. it lost a wheel and kept trying to get away. ended with the passenger bailing out trying to escape on foot. let's try that way. you probably know how this works out and ran into a news station van and there you go. didn't end well for him. this one is a lot more dangerous, a wild chase stretching for more than a hundred miles. the driver of the suv reached speeds of 100 miles an hour after losing a tire riding on the rim, the vehicle suddenly overturned, flipped several times. that driver climbed out and was quickly arrested. turn to a south carolina water taxi pilot being hailed a hero. he came to the rescue of a boater who had a seize sure and
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fell into the water. this is in charleston harbor after hearing the mayday call he rushed his taxi and eight passengers to the scene. they pulled the unconscious man into the taxi then raced for shore. well take a look at this here. this is just going to be a shame if this has to happen. officials worried they may have to torch a mansion in north texas. another one just like they did last summer. a huge crack if you can make it out in a lakeside cliff. one mansion you're seeing the video from last summer was burned to the ground rather than wait for it to tumble into lake whitney. army corps of engineers say it's worried about public safety including that of boaters. well new restrictions in california. want a glass of water? you will have to ask for it in the restaurant. not going to bring it out to you automatically. one of the new regulations approved as it ownerenters its fourth year of drought. they're also new restrictions on watering lawns. now to a surprising new
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study showing how bad american children eat. researchers at northwestern university study the die yets of 9,000 kids. fewer than 1% of the children over 5 years old had what's considered a healthy diet. okay now we're going to kick it into t.j.'s favorite stuff. march madness. look at the twinkle in your eyes. >> i love it. this lights me up. we good the final four coming in a couple of weeks but the first four you know they change format so it was hampton taking on manhattan last night. hampton university had a nice run going. pirates have won five straight leading wire-to-wire last night hampton ends up taking this game 74-64. next up they'll take on number one ranked kentucky. now, in the second game this is actually while i was late to work last night, a tale of two halves between byu and ole miss. byu was up by 17 at halftime. i was going to come on into work thought everything was fine then the rebels turned things around and had a 15-2 run
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and had to stay at home. was late to the meeting. ole miss puts some of the early madness into the march madness. 94-90 the final score. next up they'll take on xavier tomorrow afternoon. i'm sure you'll be watching won't you, reena? >> i told you could have it. >> dvr. tonight in the first four another game north florida against robert morris and boise state against dayton. >> after all that a follow-up to a story we mentioned before. you might recall devon still of the cincinnati bengals and his daughter leah. >> he posted this photo yesterday saying when you receive the best news of your life you don't know what to do so you just flex and that news leah's latest scans show no signs of cancer. more tests set for this week but he says doctors are optimistic because of those scans and that is some great news. everybody's been following this story and this young lady so fantastic. we keep you posted.
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>> a testament to the power of spirit sm a great story. >> really kept it up. "the pulse" coming your way next. a campaign by starbucks about race in america backfires even forcing an executive to shut down his twitter account. a scene out of "jaws." a fisherman gets a surprise. be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in ... and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side
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it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. ♪ all right. we start in "the pulse" with the unintended consequences stemming from a new campaign of starbucks. >> race together. starbucks baristas were told to encourage customers to use that hashtag. >> the outcome was a little different than they intended. it was so heated starbucks senior vp of global communications deleted his twitter account amid a torrent of abuse. he has since re-opened that account, though.
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dentists are reaping a surprise benefit of st. paddy's day. their businesses pick up to the tune of 64% the day after? why? because all the teeth that are lost. >> those include being knocked out doing drunken face plants and lost in bar fights. the biggest jump in delaware mississippi, utah not exactly where a lot of irish are planted but, hey, everybody having a good time. >> people are getting into their st. patrick's day. >> a little too much. clearly. this story might make you feel old. for the youtube series kids react a group of kids were given a piece of high-tech equipment from the 19 0s. >> every home had one. sometimes more than one but the kids have no idea what a video ka rhett recorder is. >> a music player thing. >> i think it's a projection screen. >> is this like a dvd player. >> a vcr player and it's really hard to program the clock. >> i feel like i have seen this
4:24 am
before. >> it's fat, bulky. >> this is more complicated than a dvd. >> i know. >> complicated. one with a nicer adjective they use and call it difficult, confusing, outdated. weird. can't figure out how to watch a program on it. >> sportsman who heads out for deep sea fishing has an ex-raj itted fish tale. >> the proof caught on camera. >> oh, no. dang. oh! did you see that? >> oh. a bit of a surprise for that fisherman off the coast of new zealand. >> yes. what's the line? i think we're going to need a bigger boat. this worked out for everybody, though, but he got it on camera so his fish tale is a real one. for some of you your local news is coming next. for everyone else how to turn that cheap bottle of wine into one that tastes very expensive.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. at 4:28. thanks for waking up early and joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. >> mike? >> ten degrees cooler this morning. a few high clouds we are tracking on live doppler hd. it should make for a colorful morning. i will post the circuits -- pictures of the sunrise. we are nearly 50. but we get sunshine by noon and upper 50s at the coast and breezy and low-to-upper 60s away the bay and inland and mid-60s to mid-70s by 4:00 and delight will evening by the time the sun sets at 7:20 and nearly 70 for the rest of us. >> the roads mike?
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>> full. there you go. >> how about the roads? overnight, there was a lot of road work. we will look at the san mateo bridge with road work in the lanes in the when direction at foster city boulevard down to one lane halfway through the section and eastbound road work until 11 o'clock this morning: and golden gate bridge has four lanes southbound when they move the barrier. >> san francisco police are investigating the frightening scene that played out on the busiest streets last night shooting and killing a woman. witnesses say she was driving erratically on van ness avenue. ales, the car was just towed from the scene 30 minutes ago. the moments of chaos during the chase and shooting were captured
4:30 am
on dispatch recording. here is part of it. [ inaudible ] >> she is crashing into every car. we will have to take lethal force. >> this started dug an investigation into a stolen vehicle. police attempted to pull over the driver of the volkswagen at the corner of van ness and pine at 7:00 last night. when they presented their badges the woman took off. police say she started driving erratically to lose them and was driving on the sidewalk and hitting other cars and turned toward the officers. they opened fire. >> she was crazy. she was driving through the gas station at 30 miles per hour. >> vehicle made it to the sidewalk, off the sidewalk several times drove at them and they they they needed to force they did. >> the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. she hit several other


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